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Carpentry and construction workshop

The IBO Foundation has focused its efforts on the protection of the historical, architectural and natural heritage of the Ibo District, through a participatory process involving local institutions and associations.

As a result of this effort, emblematic buildings such asthe San Joao church, the Ibo Nutritional Support Center, the aid workers’ house, the Mwani House Colonial House, the Umbila carpentry shop and an intervention in the Ibo Island fortress have been rehabilitated.

It also works on the rehabilitation of infrastructure and social services.

In late 2019, therehabilitation of the only school that accommodates high school students that was severely damaged after the passage of Cyclone Kenneth (April 2019), Eduardo Mondlane School, began.

The roof was rebuilt and access to drinking water sources was prioritized through the rehabilitation of water and sanitation infrastructure (wells, hand-washing points, cisterns and latrines).

In 2021, work resumed on the rehabilitation of the adjoining rooms and part of the false ceiling of the main building. Work is continuing to complete the project by 2023.