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Protection space for children and young people: the "Amigo da Criança" space.

Since its inception, the Ibo Foundation has been carrying out child and women’s protection programs as complementary activities to the activities carried out within the framework of the CANI through the “Amigo da Criança” space. The program includes a “children’s program” for children’s activities and different gender programs for women’s activities.

The objective is to improve the living conditions of the children, youth and female population of the island of Ibo, through a series of actions aimed at improving the self-esteem and quality of life of these groups.

Actions such as:

    • Creation of safe and entertaining spaces for children, young people and women to help improve social cohesion.
    • Improving school performance of children and youth
    • To create groups aware of their rights and capable of identifying possible cases of abuse.
    • To form a generation of conscientious young people, capable of driving change in the rest of the district’s population.
    • Improve knowledge of the rights of the groups involved.
    • Reducing the number of cases of abuse, gender-based violence and radicalization
    • Empowerment of the female population