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Business center

One of the main objectives of Fundación Ibo is the creation of a market for goods and services that favor the economic development and sustainability of the District .

To achieve this goal, the Business Center was created in 2020, in order to provide the District with a space to meet the needs of potential entrepreneurs and promote the creation of businesses, as well as to strengthen and/or recover existing businesses.

The core activities of the Business Center are as follows:

    • Conduct market research to detect potential business opportunities.
    • Advising and monitoring the viability of current businesses
    • Business financing through revolving credit and/or material delivery systems
    • Supporting savings associations in the follow-up and control of financed businesses
    • Training on technical improvements in the sectors involved through specific training programs
    • Training entrepreneurs to improve their financial management
    • Promote associativism to optimize results.
    • Collaborate with the District Service of Economic Activities for the promotion of strategic sectors.

We work from a cross-cutting gender perspective, to empower women and thus also increase the resilience of the entire population, since women are the pillar of the community and responsible for the maintenance of the family. Their economic empowerment is a necessary condition for eradicating poverty and ensuring the quality of life of the general population in the long term.