Objectives and model


The objective of the IBO Foundation is to create a market for goods and services based on the enhancement of the island’s resources, integrating the local population in the process and ensuring responsible management of natural resources.

It is a comprehensive development project that aims to cover all sectors of society, empowering and developing livelihoods to raise the welfare and dignity of its inhabitants using private enterprise tools to achieve it.

In this process and given the favorable conditions of insularity and closed and stable population, IBO Foundation is also focused on acquiring practical knowledge that will contribute to create a development model applicable to other developing places.

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The IBO Foundation is committed to integral development and makes it possible through a strategy that takes into account the person holistically in all personal, family, social and economic relationships.

For this reason, the Foundation has created, over the years, a connection between projects so that all areas and their components feed back and enrich each other. Thus, the area of sustainable food is connected with gender, employability, etc.

This “synergistic” strategy is the Foundation’s greatest strength, especially because it maximizes the impact, efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately the sustainability of its actions.


Nutrition programs

Childhood stimulation

Self-esteem development







Economic development

Promotion of economic and craft activities

Gender empowerment


Microfinance and business