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Ibo School of Trades (EOI) and Carpentry School

The lbo School of Trades (EOI), formerly known as the Professional Skills Center. It is one of the strategic reference projects of Fundación lbo, as a lever of change for the development of the District.

Through the EOI, Fundación lbo aims to improve employability and create livelihood opportunities for the local population, targeting mainly young people and women.

It also seeks to strengthen economic sectors through the creation of a network of professionals trained to perform the tasks inherent to each activity, thereby reducing dependence on the continent.

The EOI is mainly focused on providing vocational training courses in the agriculture, construction, carpentry and hotel and catering sectors.

They are also complemented by courses that focus on specific skills such as literacy, computer literacy, English, business management and associativism.

We work in coordination with the public administration, other organizations and private companies to adapt the content of the courses to market needs and facilitate students’ access to job offers and available scholarships.

Since 2004, Fundación Ibo’s Carpentry Workshop School has been working with young people living in poverty to train apprentices and generate stablejobs. The workshop provides employment as well as vocational training to the local population. It is an open door to allow access to the labor market and strengthen an economic sector with increasing activity in the District.

The general objective is to promote the economic development of the District by strengthening the construction sector and its main activity is the rehabilitation-construction of both public and private infrastructure, and the manufacture of furniture to meet the demand of the regional market.

In 2022, the Ibo Foundation’s workshop-school will continue to work on the following projects initiated in 2021:

  • The rehabilitation of the only secondary school on the island of Ibo, the Eduardo Mondlane School.
  • Rehabilitation of 11 wells and construction of access roads on the islands of Matemo and Quirambo
  • Construction of furniture for the Ibo Coffee Interpretation Center.