Ibo Island

The island of Ibo

The island of Ibo is the capital of the district of Ibo and is part of the Quirimbas archipelago, located off the north coast of Mozambique., northwest of Cabo Delgado Province.

 The Quirimbas Islands is an archipelago of about 50 small coral islands off the coast of Cabo Delgado province in the Indian Ocean, eleven of which constitute the Quirimbas National Park (Parque Nacional das Quirimbas). 

Quirimbas National Park

In 2018 it was recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

Created in 2002, it covers 6 districts in the province of Cabo Delgado, with a total area of 7500 km2, including 11 of the islands of the Quirimbas archipelago . The largest and most populated island of this park is Ibo.

Es uno de los tres lugares presentados por Mozambique para ser considerados Patrimonio de la Humanidad

Abarca seis distritos de la provincia de Cabo Delgado con una superficie total de 7.500 kilómetros cuadrados.

La isla más grande y más poblada de este parque es la de Ibo.

 Fue la capital de la provincia, atesora un gran patrimonio arquitectónico que se encuentra en estado de abandono y riesgo de ruina.

Development index

Although it has reached a certain level of political, economic and social stability, which has allowed it to boost its development process, Mozambique is still one of the poorest countries in the world, Mozambique remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

It ranks 185th out of 191 countries in the Human Development Index ranking. In this regard, it is important to provide some figures that illustrate the worrying situation in the African country.

Ibo Island has the ideal conditions to develop projects that will reverse its current situation and achieve self-sustainability.

Moderate dimensions

40% population under 14 years of age

Empowers inclusion of local population

No external influences

Greater medium and long-term impact

High involvement

Small and stable group

Promotes synergies between projects

Model application
of development