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Ibo Nutrition Support Center (CANI)

At Fundación IBO we work for the social development of Ibo and since 2008 we manage the Ibo Nutritional Support Center (CANI); a center whose mission is to improve the maternal and child health of women and children under 59 months of age in the District of Ibo.

To this end, a collaboration plan has been drawn up with the District Women’s Health and Social Action Service (SDSMAS) to reduce cases of maternal and child malnutrition through a combined preventive approach:

    1. Field work: CANI activists together with the nutritional technician of the Ibo Foundation will visit the three neighborhoods of Ibo (Rituto, Cimento and Cumuamba), in order to carry out screening activities to detect possible cases of malnutrition.
    2. Educational workshops for mothers, pregnant women and nursing mothers: CANI opens its doors to mothers of children participating in the nutritional program, as well as to other women interested in improving their families’ eating, health and hygiene habits.
    3. Milk delivery for babies under 6 months old: designed to support babies under 6 months old who are orphaned or whose mothers are unable to breastfeed. The CANI receives babies identified through tracing and cases referred from the local health service.
    4. Nutritional Program for infants under 59 months: children suffering from mild or moderate malnutrition are enrolled in the CANI to participate with their mothers in the Nutritional Program, which consists of:
          • Three weekly sessions in which mothers learn to cook porridges with high nutritional value and local products so that they can replicate these recipes at home.
          • Evaluation and follow-up, the nutritional technician will carry out a personalized control of each case to measure its evolution and determine whether to continue with the treatment, discharge the child or refer the case to the local health service. La permanencia en el programa es de tres meses, revisables, según necesidad o evolución del caso