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How can you help?

Pay a solidarity fee

The company pays an annual fee that will go towards driving Ibo's sustainable development through our pillars: children, construction, livelihoods, training and support for employability and gender empowerment.

Finances projects

The company collaborates in development projects to optimize material, technical and human resources and maximize the impact of the intervention.

Special campaigns

The company actively participates in the dissemination of the IBO Foundation's message and objectives, becoming a key player in the dissemination and mobilization of resources.

Social marketing

The company offers a series of products and/or services to its customers and suppliers, which are linked to the alliance with the IBO Foundation and whose benefits revert to the organization.

Mobilizes employees

The commitment between the company and the IBO Foundation involves its employees. Employees are offered the opportunity to participate in the company's social commitment.

The company makes a periodic or one-time donation to finance a cause close to its own interests or to compensate for significant damage caused by a weather event, war, terrorism or natural disaster.

What do we offer?

Visibility of companies in our communication materials and social networks.

Mention in the different Press Releases and Newsletters we send to our partners.

Presence in the annual report that IBO Foundation sends to its members and collaborators.

Improve the company's corporate reputation at national and international level.

Tax allowances

Each year, before the IRPP filing period, all collaborating companies receive the Tax Certificate with the contributions made to the IBO Foundation during the year.
For donations and economic quotas or donations in kind (quantified at book value), companies can deduct up to 35% of the full amount of corporate income tax, with a limit of 10% of the taxable income.

In the case of the self-employed, the tax deduction percentage is up to 25% of the IRPF of the contributions made.

Ask us, we have many ways to collaborate with companies that adapt to their needs and offer them ad hoc benefits.