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Maujudo tiene 51 años y es natural de Ibo.
He is married and the father of three children: a 27-year-old daughter and two sons aged 17 and 16.
His eldest daughter is married and also lives in Ibo: Maujudo is already the grandfather of a girl and two boys!
One of the sons is at university in Pemba, the younger one at high school in Ibo.
In June 2008 he started working with the Foundation, taking care of the maintenance of the then ship: the MaiMai. He then helped in the construction of the Mwani House buildings, then in the CANI building and in the rehabilitation of St. John the Baptist Church.
He has been with us at Umbila Carpentry and is one of our master carpenters, helping with apprentice training and the work we do.
When he is not working, he helps his wife in small businesses selling produce and on the family farm. He also goes to the mosque.
He likes to spend time at home with his family and says that the days of partying are long gone: 51 years is a long time ago!
Before working with the Foundation, Maujudo was a fisherman. He says he misses fishing, but enjoys his carpentry work more. Since he lives in Ibo, he is never short of sea!